TLC Carrossiers: Creator and Original Builder of the Talbo   


The Talbo is considered one of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World.  Combine the exquisite coachwork with a bespoke solid modern chassis and powetrain and you have a driving experience that is unequaled. Follow the Talbo link for more information. The “Great -Grandfather” of our car the Talbot Lago coupe with Figoni & Falaschi coachwork has recently become more and more in the spotlight of Top Classic Collector Cars. Click the link to Talbot Lago for more information.

TLC Carrossiers began building the Talbo in 1991 (see Background) for more information about us).  A classic video can be found here.

The exciting news is that  a new constructor of the Talbo, Gilles Chirignan has begun production of the Talbo at his company, GC CARROSSIER LLC.  They will begin taking orders for new Talbos soon.  The Series 3 Talbo will continue the high level of craftsmanship and feature  upgrades to the suspension,  a refined all aluminum engine, and other improvements.

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