GC Carrossier New TALBO builder

GC Carrossier LLC is now the builder of the Talbo. The proprietor, Gilles Chirignan is a long time car enthusiast, builder and restorer. He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer proficient in Computer Aided Design as well as the hands-on construction needed to bring the Talbo to life.


George Balaschak, founder of TLC Carrossiers, Inc will be working with Gilles to help create a smooth transition for the continuation of the Talbo production.


The Series 3 Talbo will retain all of the fussy craftsmanship that is appreciated by owners and enthusiasts worldwide. Upgrades will include a new all aluminium engine, aluminum suspension components and more.


The production of the Talbo by GC Carrossier LLC will remain in Florida, not far away from where the Talbo had been produced.


Call Giles at 561-275-8276 for info. Visit the GLC Carrossier website