Three of our projects for a customer have been displayed at the Geneva Auto Show.  Two of these are:

The single seat (monoposto) Mono Ego in Geneva 97.

The mid-rear engine Rocket in Geneva 98.


Much of this work done by TLC Carrossiers pioneered applications of Computer Aided Design (CAD) by a small company, and was highlighted in magazine articles:

The February 1999 issue of Automotive Engineering, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) magazine has a story on TLC’s project in the computer engineering section page 48.

Modern Machine Shop for February 1999 highlights our ability to utilize our CAD/CAM systems and our large gantry mill in producing  the body molds for the composite panels for a show car. The story begins on page 90.

CAE_cover.jpg (11671 bytes)  The November 1998 issue of CAE magazine cover story featured the design of the Geneva show car, the Rocket designed and built by TLC Carrossiers .

In the article Robert Miles states that “the key is that these product simulations are accurate and complete enough to help guide design and manufacturing decisions without the time and expense of building a physical prototype”.

We certainly believed in this statement when we reached out to design this car and build it without the expense and time of constructing the usual full size mock-up.  This approach worked as you can see on the brief of the Rocket, Geneva 98.