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The the tooling, documentation, fixtures and jigs necessary to build the Talbo Automobile are listed below:

1.  Composite Body:

            Main Body Four Piece Mold with multiple inserts. This produces the fiberglass one piece body.

            Door Molds left and right with inner door molds and glass run molds and fixtures.

            Fender Skirt Molds

            Hood Molds

            Floorpan Mold with multiple inserts.  This produces the large structure that forms the floor and the envelope for the body to chassis mounting.

            Miscellaneous  molds: rear window frame, Under-hood fairings, Gas door, Battery box, Speaker enclosures, Kick Panels, etc.

            Patterns for core mat used in some locations in the layup for sound deadening, insulation, and strength.

            Templates and fixtures for trimming, drilling and positioning various components.

            Layup schedules defining the fiberglass laminate layer-by-layer for each part.

2. Build fixture. 

             This fixture positions the Body, Floor Pan and mounting rails for bonding into one unit.  This fixture is then used to fit the doors, hoods, fender skirts and small components.  The body is painted while on this fixture,

3.  Chassis.  

            The Chassis was modeled in AutoCAD originally and now is CAD modeled in Pro Engineer in dynamic Three Dimensional format.

            CAD files of drawings of all chassis parts which are sent out to be laser cut using DXF format  at a job shop.

            Fixtures which constrain the laser cut 11 gage steel parts for TIG welding. Sub-Assemblies: approximately 15 fixtures.   One large Main full Chassis fixture.

            Fixture for painting and assembling chassis. This fixture positions the chassis for painting and will allow rotation of the chassis.

4.  Stainless Steel Trim:

            CAD files of drawings for all Stainless parts which are sent  to be laser cut out using DXF format at a job shop.

            Fixtures which constrain the laser cut  parts for forming and TIG welding.  Approximately 12 fixtures.

5.  Electrical Wiring diagrams:

            These are in CAD format and pdf. Wire lists and job sequence work sheets. Work sheets for modifying existing Lincoln wiring harnesses that are used.

6.  CAD models:

            The Intake Air Feed Manifold, Engine Trim, and Front uprights are machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum by vendors using these data.

7.  Documentation:

            Fiberglass Composite body layup schedule sheets for all components in Microsoft Word format.

            Worksheets in Word format and Photographs detailing Chassis fabrication and Stainless Steel trim fabrication.

            Parts List in Excel spread sheet format listing all purchased parts, sources etc. This can be sorted by location used, Vendor, Name, etc.

            Worksheets in Word format for assembly detail operations.

            Patterns for Carpet cutting, for Jute and sound deadener.

            Owners Manual in Microsoft Word format.


The Machinery and Tools used to build the Talbo can be locally obtained:

            Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welder with water cooled torch or equivalent.

            Metal Weld and fixture table.

            Large 3 phase buffer with 2" x 132" belt sander-grinder.

            Large 3 phase Chop saw, 16" with roller table.

            Stroke Sander Boice-Crane 6" x 132" belt.

            Metal cutting Lathe,  with tooling.

            Bridgeport Milling machine and tooling

            Metal cutting Band Saw

            Stud Welder used to weld attachment studs to the trim pieces.

            Diamond Router for fiberglass trimming with vacuum pickup.

            Hand tools such as Grinders, Polishers, Drills, Sanders

            Wheel alignment.

            Spray Guns.

            Fiberglass Gel Cote rig and Fiberglass and resin Spray up rig.

            Wood cutting band saw

           Chassis inside rust proofing equipment

           Paint spray guns


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