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The Talbo business is for sale and consists of all the molds, tooling fixtures, patterns, CAD files, parts lists, work sheets, etc. used to produce the Talbo automobile.  George will work out an agreement to consult and for hands-on help in the transition.   

See Talbo Business 2 for more details.

Refer back to the page  "Talbo" for information and photos of the car.

There are several specific parts of the construction that can be grouped to understand the way that the car is built.  Presently at TLC Carrossiers Inc. we do all the phases of the construction in house.  A new owner may decide to have one or more of these components produced by an outside subcontractor who specializes in such work.  An example might be the fiberglass laminating of the body components and perhaps the assembly of these.

The following briefly describes each facet of the construction of a Talbo

1.  FIBERGLASS LAMINATION. The main body, hoods, doors, fender skirts and body floorpan are laminated in molds.  These are conventional processes and utilize a sanding gelcoat surface. 

2.  BODY ASSEMBLY . The body, floorpan and mounting rails are bonded and fiber glassed while positioned on a fixture that mimics the chassis geometry mounting points.  While on this fixture the hoods, fender skirts and doors are fitted. The assembly remains on this fixture for steps 4 & 5.

3.  WOOD TRIM.  The wood is CNC cut to our CAD data, hand sanded, fitted, and sprayed with a catalyzed two part urethane clear coat.

4.  STAINLESS STEEL TRIM .  All pieces are laser cut (using our CAD data) by a vendor.  Polishing involves sanding using progressively finer grits and buffing. Many pieces are hand formed the old fashioned way over an anvil, block of wood or shaped fixture. Grill frames and bars are placed in a fixture and welded. A stud welder is used to attach threaded studs for mounting many of the pieces.  All pieces are fitted and trimmed while the Body Assembly remains on the fixture.

5.  PAINTING.  The car is disassembled and all body parts are sanded and prepped for priming.  A two part catalyzed urethane primer is sprayed and block sanded to a fine finish ready for painting.  The final paint is a two part urethane.  

6. CHASSIS.  The chassis pieces are laser cut by a vendor using our CAD data.  We fabricate many sub-assemblies of the chassis on special fixtures and jigs.  Typically the process involves clamping the laser cut pieces in the fixture which aligns the pieces for corner-to-corner TIG welding. The sub-assemblies are positioned on a large rigid full chassis fixture and welded to form the completed chassis. The chassis is then phosphate etched and prepared for painting. Painting uses an etching primer and a two part catalyzed urethane paint system.  After painting the hollow inside of the chassis is sprayed with a waxyoil type of rust preventative using a special spray gun with long wands to coat the entire inside.

7.  WIRING.  The main Talbo wiring harness starts with an aluminum plate that mounts the fuses, relays, terminal strips, etc.  A set of work sheets instructs each wire gage, color, length, and terminations.  All harnesses are interconnected using modular connectors. A complete wiring diagram in CAD and PDF format is used.

8.  CHASSIS ASSEMBLY . The suspension, power train, wiring and plumbing are fitted.

9.  FINAL ASSEMBLY.  The painted body is undercoated with a rubberized coating/sound deadener.  The body is then lowered onto the rubber body mounts on the chassis and secured.  Plumbing and wiring interfaces are completed.  The headliner padding, headliner, sound deadener, jute and carpet are installed.  Dash with instruments, wood trim etc. installed.  All body components are attached. 



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